A career in the mountains and a life outdoors.

Riley’s love for skiing and passion in the mountains led him to pursue a dream career as a professional skier. A decade later, his passion is stronger than ever, spending his winter chasing powder in uncharted backcountry terrain. Known for his hard charging style, Riley continues to push his skiing and creativity in the mountains.



A series of Strange Adventures.

Seeking Nirvana is an award winning film series following the adventures of 4 of the most influential backcountry skiers of our time. Each film focusses on a different relatable theme coupled with beautiful cinematography and backcountry skiing action. Co-created and featuring Riley.



Brand engagement, key stories, creative strategy, product development, real world testing and integration.

Riley has spent the last decade on the professional freeskiing scene. With many memorable film segments, magazine covers and industry awards, Riley continues to push himself in his skiing and how he navigates the world of action sports.

With several longstanding relationships, Riley prides himself on providing lasting involvement and benefits to his partners.

Content and story creation is Riley’s strong suit. Whether creating award winning films, writing for notable magazines or relaying a brands message, Riley excels.

Riley is an asset working closely with brands in R&D and product development. With experience working with hard goods and soft goods engineers, designers, marketing and sales teams, Riley can be involved and influential from creation to marketplace.


Riley continually works with the most recognized productions in the industry.

Riley has made a career creating impactful film segments with industry leading production companies including Poor Boyz Productions, Matchstick Productions, Level 1 Productions and Warren Miller Entertainment.