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"Why Canada's Finest are Seeking Nirvana" - Powder Magazine

Seeking Nirvana is a web based film series created, directed and starring long time friends Riley Leboe, Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts and Mike Henitiuk.

Seeking Nirvana is a web based film series featuring 4 of the most prominent backcountry skiing talents of our generation. The films tell the story of the backcountry adventurer, displaying what drives us to follow our passion in the mountains. Each film focuses on a different relatable theme which ties the viewer to the characters on screen and brings them in and more involved with the series. In addition to the boundary pushing action, Seeking Nirvana focusses on capturing the fun, lighthearted energy felt by every ski and sport enthusiast.

The films have been viewed over 500K times online. Winners of a Powder Video Award, 3 Vimeo Staff Picks, Finalists at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Finisterra Film Festival, Adventure Film Festival, the series has been a run away success.

Seeking Nirvana is featured on Edge TV, an ‘Over The Top’ provider reaching¬†40 Million households on Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, XBOX One and Roku.

Seeking Nirvana is featured on Air Canada’s In Flight Entertainment reaching 35 million passengers annually.