How do you celebrate the iconic collaboration between Absolut Vodka and Andy Warhol? Your Majesty crafted a participatory platform that earned global attention, reached millions, and encouraged artists from 97 countries to create & share art.
11,000 professional and undiscovered artists created and submitted artworks right on the platform, using either a mouse or finger. Innovative tools like digital brushes, generative patterns and a clever webcam tool transformed body movements into art. Submissions came in via phone, laptop and social media. The platform rendered and saved each piece in 300 DPi, so it could go out as an A3 print, on-demand.
Meanwhile, an online gallery displayed all submissions. At the end of each month, every participant received a piece from another randomly selected artist, and one lucky winner got an original work by Warhol, himself.
Celebrated artists joined in too, including Ryder Ripps, David OReilly and Taylor McKimens.