How do you enhance Bentley’s commissioning process with personalization leading the way? We co-created an interactive installation based on the act of choosing as an exploration of personality and preference.
For Bentley’s first-ever pop-up shop, Momentum concepted and created a showroom experience which featured an interactive installation that responds to the choices made by potential buyers.
Each guest of the Bentley Studio was presented with a choice of three RFID key card designs to unlock their unique experience. Using registration and RSVP details to personalize the experience, a visit to any mood station presents a series of inspirational imagery where the guest can select their preferences.
Individual selections culminate in a Visionary Experience which is comprised of a large central screening area with custom seating, leap motion controls and an immersive sound environment. The RFID card activates an on screen finalé which circulates the collection of emotive lifestyle visuals selected at the mood stations. With subtle hand gestures, individuals can navigate the experience which concludes with a mood grid detailing appropriate color, and customized feature recommendations, and an invitation to meet with a Bentley configuration specialist. Perfectly suited, with personality in mind.