How do we create journeys that inspire people to customize and share their idea of a perfect day in New York? In collaboration with Gotham Beauty and Maybelline we created a suite of solutions to provide personalized, sharable, inspiring experiences.
Gotham Beauty invited Your Majesty to provide multiple solutions for Maybelline’s Big Eyes and Go Extreme campaign platforms.

Big Eyes
Our solution for the Big Eyes campaign allowed users to create personalized videos to build their perfect day in NYC. Using a multiple choice engine connected to a large selection of video content we generated unique short films for users to share with friends. Users can select neighborhoods to explore, dining options, entertainment, food, culture, nightlife and of course fashion & beauty, all within the world of Maybelline NYC. Stories can be shared with friends and inspire them to create their own journeys.

Go Exteme
The Go Extreme solution we created was also realized around a theme of personalization. We built a platform to serve up recommendations for fashion, art, nightlife, entertainment, drinks, food, and beauty combined with a backend curated by editorial teams in different regional and global markets.
Both experiences were brought together through a single site, with content organized around regional time slots allowing users to create daily city and site specific itineraries. As a secondary means of navigation we used the Google Maps API to provide customized activity specific experiences.