I was approached by Renogy Solar to produce 2 videos highlighting their off-grid products and lifestyle values. Combining my passion for conservation, sustainability and fly fishing, we developed a story highlighting sustainable fishing opportunities in BC.

This fit perfectly with Renogy’s values of sustainability and lowering our impact. I developed the creative, script, and worked with BC Provincial Parks to acquire filming permits for our locations. We accomplished an amazing shoot on a tight budget and schedule managing many external factors including weather, permits, and fish cooperation.

During the film production we also shot photos that were to be used for marketing purposes in print, digital and point of sale. This made for a streamlined delivery of assets for Renogy that covered video and photo.

Renogy was ecstatic about the results.

The film has been selected for the 2022 Fly Fishing Film Tour and is currently on a large international premier tour. 

Client: Renogy Solar