How do you preserve, protect, and promote the nation’s national parks? To aide Nature Valley in this noble quest, Your Majesty brought the parks to the people by creating the first platform to use street-view technology on hiking trails.
To bring nature to life online, we outfitted backpacks with Street View-style cameras and set out to trek three iconic parks: The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and the Great Smoky Mountains. Our team racked up 8 terabytes of trail footage over the course of 330 miles.
Dirty and tired, but undaunted in our enthusiasm, we returned to our desks to design and develop a seamless, immersive experience that makes exploring these trails as easy as looking up directions. We interspersed high-quality, 360-degree point-of-interest panorama photography, mixed with ambient natural sound from the respective environments, allowing virtual hikers to rest and take it all in.
Nature Valley Trail View received accolades from bloggers, the media, and awards shows. All that fame and glory was good for Nature Valley, of course, but especially for the national parks it supports. Since launching, we’ve added one more park and look forward to hitting the trails again soon.