How do we challenge the idea of life without social media? Based on an original concept by Geoffrey Lillemon and the Stööki art collective we helped realize a web based social media art project whose fate is entirely in the hands of the people.

Geoffrey Lillemon and the Stööki art collective invited Your Majesty to help them construct through technical direction & creative code solutions, a temporary or lasting implementation of their Adidas Collider sponsored art project, Like to Death.

Our solution was to provide a WebGL driven platform using the omnipresent ‘Like’ button as the catalyst to allow people to determine the outcome of this experience. By linking this platform directly to Facebook we provided a connected means for the art to live or die… by choice or neglect. With every ‘Like’ the artist’s concept receives, the art disintegrates gradually, until nothing remains. Equally, by not ‘liking’ the project, people existentially guarantee the project will remain for all time.

“It’s art that may or may not last as long as archiving is possible. In this case we take a portrait of Death, and his state of existence is drastically altered and diminished by people clicking the ‘Like’ button until it is completely destroyed. If people like it to death, then it’s gone forever. But if they don’t like it, then it keeps on existing. So the way I see it is, if they ‘like’ it, they don’t want it to live; therefore not liking it means they like it.” — Geoffrey Lillemon