How do you apply technology and design to create a simple tool that inspires creators? We worked with Northlich and Formica to create a unique online generative-art platform.
Northlich invited us to shape and iterate an inspirational interactive experience that creates beautiful, intricate patterns from the simplest of gestures. The goal was to fuse form and function, providing designers with a fun and intuitive tool that would truly inspire them to explore and create patterns and art.
We began with building a functional prototype to test and demonstrate how tools and palettes could be used and experienced, with a focus on dragging and dropping images into a Kaleidoscope, and creating unique patterns by using simple click and drag gestures.
The prototype was a critical step in our process as it served to proof the concept for Your Majesty, Northlich and Formica. It also gave everyone a good sense of the product and its potential, guiding our next steps in bringing the product to life.
Building on the existing frameworks provided for by the prototype, we set out to fine-tune the final product and user experience.
Our focus championed two key mandates: keep it unobtrusive and intuitive and create plenty of space to explore, experiment and imagine. To top if off, we built a gallery to allow people to browse, share, and export their creations – and place orders for a physical sample of individual designs from Formica.